Landscape in Old Bogalhal (Pinhel) (*)- Place of forgetfulness or reunion?

There are beautiful places in Portugal and completely alienated from tourist itineraries, are lost somewhere in the mists of time and fell into oblivion. This is the case of this grandiloquent scene Bogalhal Old. An example is the abandoned medieval village of Santa … (Read more)

Old Village Azevo (Pinhel) – Have you ever noticed this hill José Saramago?

In the three times that José Saramago moved to Cidadelhe (***), should be observed at a glance, and the distance without stopping, the village of Old Azevo. Let, because sometimes the readiness prevents us sometimes to see the obvious. Not … (Read more)

Central Square Pinhel (*)

This central square of Pinhel hide its real beauty to unwary travelers. For those unaware of the, know that there is a national monument: Manueline pillory Cage; three buildings in the Public Interest: the Church of Mercy with a beautiful … (Read more)

North Tower of the Castle of Pinhel (*)-is one of the most beautiful medieval towers Portugal

The structure of the old medieval about Pinhel is well preserved, having 800 meter perimeter. Just missing a small section that gives the Engineer Largo Duarte Pacheco. The wall now hides now is discovered between the houses … (Read more)

7 Notable local Tourism Pinhel

The county Pinhel, beyond its interesting landscape has a heritage that deserves your must visit, however has been arredado of tourists routes, and it is the fault of all stakeholders who have not known potentiate … (Read more)

Cidadelhe (Pinhel) (***)- The heel of the World is one of the most beautiful villages of Portugal

Cidadelhe (Pinhel) (***)- The heel of the World is one of the most beautiful villages of Portugal

I do not know who told me that Cidadelhe was a single village. Also even before the visit read in "Journey to Portugal", Saramago, that debits an extensive list of accolades to the site. Numa afternoon of invernosa 2005 then delivery … (Read more)

Historic Centre of Pinhel (*)- Why is the Portuguese do not know you exist?

In late spring of the year 2002 visited the historic and isolated town of Pinhel and were surprised by its beauty. Quickly understand the importance of this small serene village and abandoned their luck and barely knew we … (Read more)

Solar dos Távoras in Souro Pires (Pinhel) (*)-One of the most beautiful palaces of the century Portuguese five hundred

Solar dos Távoras The beautiful Manor of Távoras which is disparaged, was built between the late fifteenth century and the beginning of the sixteenth century, at the behest of the Távora family that is linked to the history of the town of Souro … (Read more)