Baths of Fadagoza (Nisa) (*)-The traveler knows what it means Fadagosa?

Em full plain alentejana, prevail where the granite blocks pedunculated, oaks and fragrant Mediterranean undergrowth, find the Spa Fadagosa Nisa work full em from 2009. The spa was closed a year and the new resort has replaced a small set of buildings thermal, pleasant, but misfits current needs. The company Ternisa, Town Hall, returned to explore the spas, this time with an ambitious project that will run all year. The complex has 3000 square meters and in the same space are the spas, a unit of hospital, physical rehabilitation center with a gym, a spa and two pools. To use or spa-SANUS for aquum, which means health through water, Medical consultation is required for the thermal unit not required.

Indications of spa Fadagoza Nisa
The water that flows from the granite has a pH of 8.15 and a temperature of 19 º C.
The waters are bicabornatas, sodic, fluoretas and sulfidricas being recommended in the treatment of the following diseases:
-Musculoskeletal (Rheumatism);
-Respiratory (Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Rhinitis, Asthma and other)
-Metabolic (Changes Cholesterol, Uric acid
-Dermatologic (skin)
What is the origin of the word Fadagosa?
The designation of Fadagosa or pigweed, is a regional term used to classify the smell sulphurous waters, ie something pigweed is something foul smelling or "rotten eggs". We find it for example in Fadagosa of Macau and Marvão today abandoned or submerged by the dam Fadagosa old Belver or the most promising of the Stone Mountain in the municipality of Crato.

The first news of this back to pigweed 1810, when it built the first buildings.
The Hydrotherapy can be a center of tourist attraction in the district of Portalegre
The North Alentejo landscape is very beautiful with its landscape and cultural heritage, the remarkable cuisine and typical cultural events. But now comes a new tourism product that must be optimized, spas. In addition to the Fadagosa of Nisa, we still have in the district of Portalegre, the spa Vide (Border) (*) and the Mount Stone (Crato) the latter is currently closed for reasons I do not insight.
For more information see the website of spa Fadagosa Nisa.

A comment Baths of Fadagoza (Nisa) (*)-The traveler knows what it means Fadagosa?

  1. Luisa says:

    Good afternoon.
    It was a wonderful afternoon, that spent on new spa Nisa, would love to go back ... but sadly was not the promised cumprido..ou be at the reception gave me information that I would be sent home a card, what did not happen until today.. and long gone 8 months ....
    For that reason here is my displeasure.

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