Termas de São Lourenço in Pombal (Carrazeda Ansiães) (*)

Termas de Sao Lourenco

The spray or spa of St. Lawrence, located in the town of Pombal in Carrazeda de Ansiães, are fitted to mid slope on the left bank of the valley of the river Tua, and close to the railway line, who is to be flooded by the reservoir of the dam damn that EDP is building next to the mouth, and they served these spas and the town of Pombal. The spa of St. Lawrence fitarão the future a large mirror tamed by the reservoir water. Beneath the waters will calls Caldas Velhas and graceful line of railway, iron Tua river valley.
The spa of St. Lawrence due to its landscape are admirable and Portugal is perhaps no other you compare this aspect. Why are so distant and so little known are mainly frequented by locals who move here.
Much is said about their remodeling. For now there is a whiff, which seems provisional, but it offers good conditions for 80 aquistas with various treatments. The study of the stabilization of quality of sulphurous mineral water, under the hydrogeological point of view and medicinal will still remain for two more years.
Forgive me dear reader a personal notation, but if you want to jump this paragraph and so do not lose time with those who barely know (this to those who are obviously the overwhelming majority of readers-at least it is our desire, but before). Our last visit the hot springs of San Lorenzo was in April 2011. The first time that I visited, was still a young geology student who did a field campaign by a handful of days to study the hydrogeology of the north-eastern. The nostalgia is that it is over and pass the old memories tainted feeling good and happy. I remember like it was yesterday the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Balsamão (Macedo de Cavaleiros), where we slept a few days, Santa Cruz (Alfaião / Bragança), Lagoaça (Ash Sword of the tape), Vila Flor those who would give the Frise and Terronha waters in Vimioso.

History of Termas de Sao Lourenco
This fabulous book that is Lusiads our waters and we should all know "Aquilegio medication: in which the news of AGOA Caldas, sources, rios, wells, ponds, tanks and the Kingdom of Portugal and the Algarves "of 1725 Francisco Henriques da Fonseca ( just click here) . Here is an excerpt about the baths of St. Lawrence.
"... Down to the river Tua, By such a rough saw only walk if she can walk, born a source of sulphurous water, with moderate heat, -by saw it crashing down on the large amount, where the zeal of Father Antonio de Seixas […] sent to a tank, however humble and rough stone, in which baths are taken at all times of the year, and serve to cure nerve weakness, and constrained joints[…] Are also eficacíssimas these baths to cure scabies, Old wounds, e lepra […] If there had baths house, and accommodated tank to attend, the effects would soon be increasing the quality of mineral, and come in clear knowledge of their virtues, would be a great good for all those people,[…] Every year there is great competition for us to wash up, and bathing in this water, the night before and day of S. Lawrence, the faith which she has; pass from 400 People who bathe that night and day, always with new bath ".
The "House of the Baths" is obviously an area that should be immediately stored and classified, given its rarity in Portugal. This is a small house of only water in Portugal, for its aesthetic and antiquity, and over the centuries has been used by aquistas.

The home is a cubicle granite hermetically sealed to resemble a temple with some arrows to allow the intimacy of a miraculous bath . The cover has culminated with a pyramidal granite cross. Looms inside a tank and a crude image St. Lawrence of Huesca (click on the holy), more comfortable than the original, lucky because this can not ask for assem across, because the water temperature is 34 º C with benign. The bathrooms each time is about 30 minutes. A tina, with dimensions which even allows the “banho familiar” receives hot water from a spout and discharges to an outside tank.
People say that this house was the chapel, maybe, but what is certain is that it has many similarities with the Johannine tanks of Caldas do Gerês, demolished at the beginning of the century. XX.

Another element that may help clarify the history of this house of the baths is the inscription over the door of the chapel, difficult reading it is apparent that she was sent to by: Vítor DAFRA(?) in the year 1839. Who was this gentleman? Graced by a curative power of the waters or the explorer of the same waters.
The place of St. Lawrence consists of little more than a score of houses, constructed on the basis of the therapeutic use of its waters (rental of rooms and some private residences), much of it abandoned and in some advanced state of disrepair. Are mostly modest dwellings on the ground floor and upper floor in stone masonry, the end of the century. Nineteenth early twentieth, where they lack the wooden balcony running on its façade.
The site recovery with thermal purposes should protect this architecture, and respect moth in new construction it is determined necessary to create, well as new locker rooms equipped. As for accommodation seems to us that the mere reconstruction and equipping of the existing will be sufficient for current demand for aquistas.
But relief is the only location that makes the spas of St. Lawrence, the steep slope of the river Tua, the granite valley that seduces, above the horizon on the other side, silence, the time it seems static, make the baths of St. Lawrence in a lovely location.
Skin diseases and rheumatism are the main pathologies treated with this water.
IN 629 – St. Lawrence
5140-223 Carrazeda Ansiães
Parish: Dovecote
PH of water: 8.35
Mineralization of water: Sodium Bicarbonate, fluoretada, sulfidratada
Source of information: http://www.aguas.ics.ul.pt/braganca_slourenco.html

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  1. Dylan says:

    I just want to mention that in fact it is a damn dam!

  2. Apparently the dams here Snr Mexia bands Elvas,is the owner of the rivers of Portugal,!Entaipa concrete with the Tua river millions of years,destroys the Tua line state assets,public utilidade to uns 100 years,drowns the Baths of S Lawrence,olive groves and vineyards of smallholders,and maybe some moinhos.A LINE OF THY was the QUEEN OF LINES EDP PORTUGAL.A not flooded highways?Who gave permission ascrito,the head section of the station of Tua,that D P could destroy the line?Who invades or destroys a row is one levantadi AUTISM news and sent to tribunal.Arrancaram I believe 1000 cork,protected tree,and no measures were taken to stop the destruction of so many trees?But that mayors have these cameras?Estaram purchased by EDP?Our president Dr Snr. Cavaco Silva,should take a trip down YOUR LINE,and see the crime ediondo,the Mexia Snr &Cia ,go to commit inside Portugal.A renewed line with concrete sleepers,lasted an eternity,with maintenance expense quési null,and never gave descarrilamentos.Ex stationmaster and convoys in Star Evora.Mauricio Arrais.P / S-The trains in Spain and Portugal,are the safest in the World.

  3. Ana Paula says:

    To all those who like their parents, like me,

    We can not continue to review the mistakes of our politicians,and let them do whatever gives them in Ghana and to treat the Portuguese ignorant as they always have. The Portuguese men and women have every right to express themselves and demand to be heard, organisando meetings and discussions between the residents and neighbors of the villages are nearby., ask explanations municipalities, After all who elects? do rallies ( unity is strength) people have to be more united, and more participatory, We have a wonderful country it is up to all of us protect and defend the criminals who are in power think, money, and destroy what belongs to us all.


  4. Ana Norte says:

    I completely agree, much is said about the evil that each ruler or rulers, they didn't do well, but we continue to let them sell this country to whoever gives the most, it's time for the portuguese people to be more participant, this country is from the Portuguese, and not others who come to enjoy the best we have, and who don't even speak Portuguese after so many centuries.
    Many of our ancestors worked hard, do us honor, at least to them.

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