Tower of the University of Coimbra (**)-Goat, Cuckold the Balloon and as emblems of the city

A esbelta Goat, is known as the Tower of the University of Coimbra located in the courtyard of the Palace was built between the Schools 1728 and 1733, substituting another lower, which greatly occupied the same space designed by Jean de Rouen. A Tower of the University of Coimbra is one of the best and unique, in his género, and is one of the best works of Baroque architecture in Portugal, with clear italinizante matrix (this style is part of eg a Church of Sao Roque (***) Lisbon or Convent of Mafra (****). Since its construction the tower of the University of Coimbra became the icon of this city. Highlighted by its towering city, for its scenery and for hosting the clock and bells that regulate academic ritual life.

Project was the Italian architect Antonio Canevari, then recently arrived from Court, replacing the plan Gaspar Ferreira, however this would be as a master-builder holder of University.
Coimbra view from Sky
Are 34 meters and 180 degraus until you get to the awkward way with terrace, there in order to install the observatory recommended by the King and the relevant mathematical tools that is an astronomical observatory. Tower of the University of Coimbra attains an unforgettable panorama. Anyway is not Coimbra view of the sky, but almost. The views extend into the Central Mountain Range schist, for the soft fields of the sea, coming to see the silver fringe of the Atlantic Ocean stopped by the Serra da Boa Viagem.

The tower is divided into 4 bodies being the last, under the terrace which are clocks and under these famous bells.
Goat, Cuckold and Balloon
The tower has 3 bells; the east side is the largest known bag-date 1561. The bell on the west side became famous as "bitch", and although it was remelted in 1900, was placed in 1741. There is a third, o “cabrão, turned north, which is dated 1824.
How to Visit the Tower of the University of Coimbra?
Currently tours are scheduled for group 15 people, larger 18 years, the 11:00 e às 15:00. The university community can visit it for free at 16:00.

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A comment Tower of the University of Coimbra (**)-Goat, Cuckold the Balloon and as emblems of the city

  1. I have no comments to these remarkable places, it is a land lived by myself and having visited many historical places in Portugal. Regarding the University of Coimbra, I was very charmed by the architecture of bygone times

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