118 Wonders of the Algarve (Distrito de Faro) (Units heritage Notável)

The Algarve has a unique geography with beautiful scenery (divided from North to South in the mountain, in barrocal and coastal area), an ideal climate and beaches that are among the best there is in Europe, inserted into the basin of the Mediterranean tourist extended, although the Atlantic Ocean.
We are in the holiday season and for anyone visiting the Algarve have to tell you that this has 120 units heritage notável, Hair least this is the number that we invented, knowing the region relatively well-so tourist friend I'm sure that has much to enjoy. Admittedly, it is the sea that attracts more doses from which bastas juicy grilled fish, beaches of golden sand and amornadas waters and magnificent finisterras.

The biggest flaw of Algarve tourism

As we do not want to unsettle his deserved rest in difficult times, just ask you to visit on your vacation time a dozen of these places and I assure you that each will be a marked positive moment in your life. The Algarve has a rich cultural heritage that goes back to the Neolithic, passing through the Roman heritage, Muslim, Medieval, the Discoveries to the present, where some of this rich heritage was foiled by hordes of eager brave dishes short-term profits that nearly killed the goose that lays golden eggs "benidormando" some areas of its coastline as exemplified Monte Gordo, Quarteira or Armacao de Pera, but for those who do not want to spend the raisins in the Algarve, these poor things have to dry under the heat and inclement weather, do not advise to visit those areas destroyed, because the friend will have to dry in balbúrdia, degradation, deformity and bad stench.
Ultimately, foi a mandriice, neglect, ignorance or greed of almost all entities involved in tourism Algarve, particularly its mayoral, homebuilders and owners of hospitality after 1962, they have built the Faro Airport, were unable to praise the remarkable heritage of the region, allowing its degradation.
Disagree Bruce Chatwin, for many one of the best travel writers, who wrote that "walking is a virtue, tourism a mortal sin ", because we are staunch defenders of a quality tourism for our country, since everything is done with precept, see there the reader that we are up by prudent increase of tourist accommodation units in the beautiful county of Vila do Bispo and Aljezur!
Here then is the list of 118 Heritage Notable units in the Algarve and if we have forgotten something please say, because we are here to serve the best we know our country.


-Set of urban beaches of Albufeira (Peneco, Fishermen, Inatel and Germans) (**)
-Sao Rafael Beach and Arrifes (**)
-Praia da Oura (**)
-Santa Eulalia Beach (*)
-Praia Maria Luísa (**)
-Eye Water Beach (**)
-Set beaches of Barranco Belharucas, Cliff and Rocha Baixinha (***)
-Set of small beaches of Rabbit, Evaristo and Manuel Lourenco (**)
-Gale Beach (*)
-Beach and Lagoa dos Salgados Grande beach and even longer belongs to Silves (**)
-Castle of Paderno (**)


-Landscape and heritage complex in the village of Alcoutim (*)
-Castle “Old” Alcoutim is a structure of the Islamic period (*)
-Scenic road between the river Guadiana M507 Foz de Odeleite and Alcoutim (*)


Inserted in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vincentian (****)
-Beach Odeceixe (**)
-Beach Vale of Men (***)
-Arrifana beach panorama with strong Arrifana (***)
-Vale Figueira Beach (***)
-Beach Mulberry (***)
-Landscape Ribat Ponta da Alalaia (***)
-Beach Bordeira (****)
-Pontal the Bordeira Carrapateira (****)
-Praia do Amado (***)
-Monte Beach Cleric (*)

Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António

Panorama and sheet set Cancela Velha (***)
-Marshland Nature Reserve of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António (**)
-Castro Marim Castle and respective panorama (**)
-Core Pombalina of Vila Real de Santo António (*)
-Extensive beach between the mouth of the Guadiana River, through Monte Gordo, Height, Burbot, Manta Rota to Insua Cacela Velha (**)


-Historic Centre of Faro (**)
-Church of Santa Maria- Cathedral of Faro with its panorama of the Bell Tower (*)
Municipal Museum of Faro – Old Convent of Our Lady of the Assumption (*)
-Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (*)
-Roman ruins of Milreu (***)
-Teatro de Lethes (*)
-Palácio de Estói (Historic Pousada de Portugal) (*)
-Praia da Ilha Deserta Barret s (***) situated in the natural park of Ria Formosa
-Peninsula Beach and Lighthouse (**)
-Culatra / Armona and Farol panorama (this island is also part of Olhão) (***)
-Football stadium in the Algarve (*)


-Panorama Chapel and N. Sra. da Rocha – Porches (*)
-Church of St. James, Estombar matrix (*)
-Algar Seco in Carvoeiro (**)
-Set miocénicas cliffs carved beaches in the municipality of Lagoa (***) especially:
-Praia de Benagil (*)
-Praia da Marinha (***)
-Beach Algar José Rodeira (**), only accessible by sea
-Praia do Carvoeiro (*)
-Praia da Nossa Senhora da Rocha (*)
-Beach Valley Centeanes (*)
-Slide and Splash water park with its panorama (*)


-Praia da Meia Praia (**)
-Historic Centre of Lagos (*)
-Former Vedoria (slave market) (*)
-Strong Flag (ancient fortress of Our Lady of Penha) with its panorama (*)
-St. Anthony's Church and Regional Museum of Lagos or Dr. José Formosinho (**)
-Ponta da Piedade (***)
-Beaches of Dona Ana and Don Camilo with respective panorama (****)
-Beach of Porto Mos (***)
-Volcanic chimney panorama with the tip of blacksmiths in Praia da Luz (**)
-Praia da Luz (*)


-Aldeia the Other (*)
-Bell tower of the church of San Clemente in Loulé (old minaret) (*)
-Castle and Museo Municipal de Loulé (*)
-Tiles of the church of San Lorenzo, matriz de Almancil (**)
-Mine rock salt of Campina de Cima (**)
-Archaeological Site of Roman Ruins Cerro da Vila Vila Moura (*)
-Interpretation Centre of Archaeology of Salir (*)
-Set beaches from Quarteira Quinta do Lago (undergoing Ancão, Garrão, Vale do Lobo and ALMARGEM) (***)
-Classified site of Rocha da Pena (*)


-Portal of the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, matriz de Monchique
-Panorama of the High FOIA (highest point in the Algarve) (***)
-Overview Pillory (**)
-Caldas de Monchique (*)


-Panorama of the hill of San Miguel / Monte Figo / Mount Zephyr (***)
Boat trip to the dolphins off the island of Fuseta (***)
-Environmental Education Center da Quinta de Marim (headquarters of the Ria Formosa Natural Park) (**)
-Island (beach) Fuseta da-Armonas (***)
-Panorama from the bell tower of the Parish Church of Olhão (*)


-Beach and Alvor estuary (***)
-Beach of the Three Brothers and Prainha (**)
-Tip of John Arens and respective tiny beaches (***)
-Praia do Vau and the Three Brothers (***)
-Praia da Rocha (*)
-Portimão Museum (*)
-Portal of the Church of St. Saviour, matriz de Alvor (*)
-Ruins of the Roman villa of the Fifth Abicada (*)
-Megalithic monuments of Alcalar (***)


-Silves Castle (***)
-Church Cathedral of Silves (**)
– Municipal Archaeology Museum Silves with Almohad cistern (**)
-Cork Museum Silves (Old Factory in English (closed) (*)
-Manufactory cruise Cross in Silves Portugal (*)
-Praia Grande (part of the set of Salgados beach near Albufeira)(***)


-Historic Centre of Tavira (**)
Misericordia Church Tavira (*)
Island (Beaches in Tavira, Close Earth and Barrel) de Tavira (***)
Island (Beach) Cabanas (**)
-Cascade Pêgo Hell (*)
-Panorama of the Alp Alcaria (**)

Vila do Bispo

-Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe (**)
-Meñir of Aspradantes (*)
-Praia do Burgau (***)
-Cabanas Velhas Beach (**)
-Beach River Mouth (***)
-Salema Beach with Footprints of dinosaur (**)
-Beaches of Figueira and Furnas (*)
-Praia do Zavial (***)
-Praia da Ingrina (***)
-Praia do Barranco (***)
-Martinhal beach (**)
-Mareta Beach (**)
-Cape St. Vincent with its panorama (****)
-Beach Vat (**)
-Beach bunk (***)
-Ponta de Sagres (*****)
-Beach Awning with Angle Mismatch (***)
-Beach Cordoama, Belly and castelejo (****)
-Panorama Tower Owner Aspa (**)
-Tip Redhead Beach (****)

Additional Notes: A great job on tourism in the Algarve is this "Planning and Tourism in the Algarve"By Sérgio Brito edition with Editions Hummingbird / International Agency for Research on Planning and Tourism at the University of the Algarve 2009

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  1. Filipe Soares

    Really, The Algarve is an undervalued treasure cultural point of view. When speaking in Algarve, thought immediately associates the beaches and good weather. Are facts that can never be bleached. The crystal clear waters, the rocks
    yellow-brown that disrupt, same, waters, no barlavento (western half of the Algarve) transform it into a cinematic postcard illustration. The monumental Algarve, urban construction, has been lost, over the centuries, by numerous earthquakes and more recently by (re)construction. Muslim brands can be found all over the al Gharb. There is excellent cuisine, with fish dishes and seafood and fantastic regional sweets. The figs, the carob and almonds, brands are important in this region. The Kingdom of the Algarve, thus was considered until the proclamation of the Republic, in 5 October 1910, as the second kingdom of the Portuguese Crown is um unique potential, to which it belongs, and can be seen from many different viewpoints that accompany the entire mountain range from the coast, including the Serra de Monchique which includes an excellent thermal complex.

  2. angelo

    I love reading this site remarkably well documented that Portugal as the next holidays will visit some sites that descoubri thanks to this site that I recommend to everyone .

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