5 Tourist Places in Belmonte

The similarity of what happens with the villages of Mértola or Obidos, Belmonte (village classified as Historical Village of Portugal) is a true open-air museum. It is the land of Pedro Alvares Cabral, discoverer of Brazil and the rest of the family, so has a modern Museum of Discovery; is the most impressive city of Crypto-Judaism of the Iberian Peninsula by it has a Jewish Museum and synagogue; is agricultural land and good scenery, so has ecomuseu Zêzere river or the Museum of Olive Oil; still has important Roman remains with the enigmatic tower Centum Cellas or the Roman villa of Fórnea. For these reasons and more that some here do not aim, Belmonte towards tourism, is an example for all of our Country.

Notable Places in Belmonte
1-Historic Village of Belmonte (classified as Historical Village of Portugal) (***)
2-Church of Santiago and attaches Chapel Cabrais (*)
3-Belmonte Castle highlighting the Manueline window (*)
4-Inn of the Convent of Belmonte (*)
5-Torre Centum Cellas (**)
Other sites with some tourist interest
-Historic Centre of Caria
-Chapel of Our Lady of the Star (Ínguia)
-Villa Romana da FORNEA

2 Comments 5 Tourist Places in Belmonte

  1. Haroldo Andrade says:

    I intend to visit Belmonte. Thus, indago:
    a) what the appropriate train, from Lisbon ?
    b) which time (in hours) Journey ?
    c) There is a bus line between Lisbon and Belmonte ?
    d) which time (in hours) Journey ?

  2. Alexandre says:


    I was amazed by everything I saw on the internet Belmonte. 'm Porto and this weekend I will know the village. I do not know how and 'a village not so important and' most publicized turisticamente… I am em fleas to visit the mysterious Tower of Centum Eyebrows!

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