Tourist Guide to Notable Places of the Municipality of Coimbra

Coimbra is one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal and which will soon be classified as a World Heritage. It deserves its ranking is fair, but as the age-old adage says "worth more late than never".
Notable places in the municipality of Coimbra

1-Rua and Sofia (**)
Schools and Churches- Highlights: Altarpiece of the Church of Santa Justa New (*). Cloister of the College of St. Thomas (Palace of Justice) (*), College and Church of Grace (*). Carmo Church and Cloister (*). Inquisition of Coimbra (Current CAV) (*).
2-Monastery and Church of Santa Cruz (***)
Highlights: Facade (*), Pulpit (**), Tombs of the Kings (**), Cloister (**), Manufacture stalls (**) Sacred Art and gallery (*).
3-Café Santa Cruz (Church of São João das Donas or St. John of Santa Cruz) (*)
4-Fashion and accessories and Manga (**)
5-Parque Santa Cruz (Garden Mermaid) (*)
6-Commerce Square (*)
7-Building Chiado (Telo Museum Society) (*)
8-Parque Manuel Braga, Mondego Green Park and Footbridge Pedro and Inês (*)
9-Almedina Tower and remains of about Coimbra (*)
10-Church of the Old Cathedral (****)
Highlights: Facade (**). Interior (**). Pia Baptismal (*). Chapel of the Sacrament (**). Capela-mor (**). Retábulo so Ecce Homo (*). Sevillian tiles (*). Trifório (*). Cloister (**).
11-New College (=S. Augustine, Orphans, I. of Psychology, Mercy of Coimbra) (*)
Highlights: cloister (*) and the panorama of the Church Tower (*)
12-Palácio sob Ripas (*)
13-Church Cathedral of Coimbra (A new) (**)
Highlights: Pia baptismal (*).Capela-mor (*). Chapels transept (*). Chapel of S. Thomas Vila Nova (*). Facade (*)
14-Church of San Salvador (*)
15-Machado de Castro Museum (Old Bishop's Palace) (***)
Featured: Roman cryptoportico (**).
16-Paços University and the Schools (***)
Highlights: Capelos of Living (*). Chapel of S. Miguel (***). Joanino Biblioteca Geral University (***). University Tower (*) and its Panorama (**). Auditorium of the Faculty of Law (*) Fernando Tavora
Museums of Science (Chemical Laboratório, Mineralogical and Geological ...) (*)
17-Forest and Botanical Garden (***)
18-Major Seminary of Coimbra (*)


Left Bank of the River Mondego:
19-Panoramas of the left bank of Santa Clara for the sacred hill (*), that stands out in the panorama of the Valley of Hell (*)
20-Portugal of the little ones (*)
21-Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Nova (*). Highlights: Gothic tombs and silver Rainha S. Isabel (*). Cloisters (*)
22-Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha (***)
23-Quinta das Lagrimas (*)
24-Penedo da Saudade (*)
And in the city of Coimbra:
25-Church of St. Anthony of Groves (*)
26-Monastery of Cells (*)
Featured: Historiated capitals (**)
27-Estádio City of Coimbra (*)
28-Choupal (*)
And in the municipality of Coimbra, outside the city:
29-St. Mark's Church (***)
Highlights: Tomb of Fernão Teles Menezes (*). Altarpiece of the main chapel (*). Chapel of the Magi (**). Grave Aires da Silva (*). Regedor tomb of John Doe (*). Panorama Garden (*)
30-Marsh Nature Reserve of Asilah (*)

31- Section of the river Mondego Coimbra and between Penacova (*)
Missing local notables:
Torre Santa Cruz (**)
Old bridge over the river Mondego (*)
Added missing (***)
Highlights: Church of St. Benedict (*), Broad street and ruins of Castle Afonsino (*), Fairground (**)

Other sites with some tourist interest
Flame of Esteios
Casa Nau
Church of St. James
Scenic road between Penacova and Coimbra
Conjunto architectural Pole II of University of Coimbra
Monastery of St. George's University Milreu Vasco / School Range
College of Arts and St Jerome
Torre de Bera

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