63 Notable locations in tourism in the district of Bragança

tourism in the district of Bragança

"I will speak of a UK Wonderful (tourism in the district of Bragança). Although many people say that there, there has always been and there will be wonderful kingdoms in this world. What it takes, to view them, is that the eyes do not lose the original virginity before reality, and the heart, after, do not hesitate. Now, I intend to show, and my all wanting deserve it, not only is there, as it is the most beautiful imaginable. Starts just because it is perched on Portugal, as the nests are perched in the trees so that the distance makes the most impossible and apetecidos. And who's dating here nests low, it really is a boy and not afraid of heights, after climbing and reaching the crest of the dream, contemplates his own beatitude.
We see first a sea of ​​stones. Vagas e vagas sideradas, hirtas e hostis, contained in its excessive force by the inexorable hand of a creator God and domineering. All still and silent. Only moves and sounds the heart in the chest, restless, to announce the beginning of a great time. Suddenly, ripping the crust of silence a voice of candor drawn:
– Here Marão, send those here!…
Feels a chill. The view widens eagerness and astonishment. That spoke cliff? What respeitoso terror takes hold of us?
Mas anything worth questioning the great ocean megalithic, because the numerator invisible commands:
– Between!
A people come, and is already in the United Wonderful” (1)-ler continued here

Tourism in the district of Bragança has 63 Notable locations that should be enjoyed slowly and with all openness of the senses that is possible in. Anyway region's landscapes (ex.- Sierra Montesinho), masked (ex: caretos) stemmed from the confines of the origin of man and dragging behind-pagan rites religoso currents shaping the insistence of nature in us), of Romanesque churches (example Adeganha), Castles (ex. Algoso), Castros warmongering (example, Saint John Arribas) and is still the wild landscape in Douro Cannon). Ultimately, here is no shortage serenity of mind for the busy traveler and lots of good food and (Posted Mirandesa, Stuffed, mushrooms) that after a lovely meal advise you to burn calories for these wonderful ways (ex. Sidewalk Alpajares).
tourism in the district of Bragança , isolated and inhospitable, is a unique grandeur that deserves a higher valuation in domestic tourism.
1-Miguel Torga text book "Portugal", 1950

63 Notable locations in tourism in the district of Bragança

Customs of Faith, Mirandela and Vila Flor
-Serra de Bornes (**) (shares with Macedo de Cavaleiros)
-Forca the Freixiel (*)
Panorama of the shrine of Our Lady. Assumption, Vilas Boas (**)
Pillory of Torre de Dona Chama with your Berrão zoomorphic (*)
-Bridge Mirandela (*)
Landscape and cave paintings in Serra dos Passos (*)

In the city:
-Citadel of Bragança (**)
-Tower of Homage (**)
-Municipalis Domus (***)
-Pelourinho with Bear Iron Age (*)
-Chancel of the church of San Vicente (*)
-Chancel of the Church of Santa Clara (*)
-Abbe Museum Baçal (**)
-Center for Contemporary Art Graca Morais (*)
Outside the city:
-Head of the Church of the Monastery of Castro Hazelnuts (*)
-Church of the Holy Christ of the Knoll (**)
-Natural Park Montesinho (****)
-Village of River Onor (*)
-Panorama of the Sierra topo Nogueira (Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows) (***)

Carrazeda Ansiães
-Castle Ansiães with the Romanesque church of San Salvador (***)
-Cave Paintings of the Neolithic Cachão of Rapa (inaccessible) (*)
-Anta Zedes (*)
-Anta Vilarinho Castanheira (*)
-Cannon River Valley Tua (***) (disappearing)
Termas de Sao Lourenco (*)

Ash Sword of the tape
-Tower of the Rooster (Ash Sword of the Tape) (**)
Ash Church of the Sword Strap (**)
-Chapel Chancel of the Church of Mercy (Ash Sword of the tape) (*)
Panorama Penedo Durão and Assumadouro (**)
-Boat Ride from River Beach Congida in river Douro River Canyon between the dam and Saucelhe Aldeadeavila (***)
Landscape on the river Mos (or Monastery) and Causeway Alpajares (***)
-Landscape in EN.221 on top of Pirocão (*)
-Paleolithic Mazouco horse in Douro River (*)
-Miradouro the Colado (Mazouco) (*)
-Gazebo Carrascalinho (Ovens) (*)

Macedo de Cavaleiros, Vineyards and Vimioso
-Beach and Landscape Protected Bayou Azibo (**)
-Floristic and geological landscape of the Massif de Morais (geomumento) (*)
-Natural and religious environment of the Shrine of Balsemão (*)
-Shrine of Our Lady of the Meadows (*)
Castle Algoso and respective LANDSCAPE (***)
-Cascade Cachão Malhadinha (*)
-Vinhais Biological Park (*)

Miranda do Douro
-Historic Centre of Miranda do Douro (**)
-See Miranda do Douro (*)
-São João das Arribas (**)
-Castro Valley Eagle (*)
-Castro Cigaduenha in Perforation (**)
-Ride on the River Douro (from Miranda do Douro) (**)
-Panorama Tower in Penha Paradela (*)

Romanesque church of Algosinho (**)
Romanesque church Azinhoso (*)
Castle, landscape and Neolithic cave paintings in Feathers Róias (**)
-Cascata da Faia Alta (*) in Bemposta
-Panorama and Dam Bemposta Cardal in Douro (*) (difficult access)
-Castro's Picão of Bouça Aires with pagan shrine (*) (difficult access)

-Church of Mirandela (**)
Church of St. Mary Major, matrix Adeganha (**)
-Panorama of the Lady of the Castle (Adeganha) (*)
-Viewpoint of St. Gregory and the Village Baldoeiro (*)
-Veiga to waves that Vilariça (**)
-Fresh from the Chapel of Our Lady of Teixeira (*)
-Panorama of the Lady of the Castle (traces of settlement) in Urros (*)

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