63 Units Outstanding Heritage tourism district of Portalegre (Alto Alentejo)

63 Units Outstanding Heritage tourism district of Portalegre (Alto Alentejo)

Although the District of Portalegre be those who are less tourist inflow nonetheless has everything to do with the delight of tourists entered. Based on triptych landscape, gastronomy and tranquility, the district of Portalegre have yet 63 Remarkable Heritage units that deserve our visit. From remarkable historical centers like Castelo de Vide, Crato, Marvão, Portalegre and Elvas to the hills of São Mamede, the highest point of the Alentejo. We decided that Olivenza would also be part of the national territory given its ambiguity and due to its close relationship with Elvas. In connection with this it should be noted that its magnificent forts are World Heritage.

63 Units heritage Notável the District of Portalegre

Alter do Chão (7)

-Castelo de Alter do Chão (*)
-Of Ferragial D'El Rei Archaeological Site with the Roman mosaic of Medusa with the scene of the Aeneid (*)
-Bishop Theodosius source of Alter do Chão (*)
-Palace and Garden of the Alamo (*)
-Stud of Alter do Chão (**)
-Castle Panorama Alter Pedroso (*)
-Ponte Romana de Vila Formosa (**)

Arronches, Campo Maior and Monforte (5)
-Cave Paintings in Sierra de Louções (**)
-Campo Maior Castle (*)
-Fortification and landscape Ouguela (**)
-Prehistoric settlement of Santa Vitoria (*)
-Roman Villa of Torre de Palma (**)

Avis and Border (4)
-Castle Avis (*)
-Anta Grande of Homestead Ordem (**)
-Landscape in the Maranhão Dam (*)
-Termas de Vide (*)
Castelo de Vide and Marvão (5)
-Medieval and Vila Castelo de Vide Judiaria (**)
-Gazebo Chapel of Our Lady of Penha Verde (*)
-Groats da Meada (*)
-Burgo Fortified Marvão (***)
-Roman City of Ammaia (*)
Crato and Hawk (5)
-Castle Belvis (**)
-Praia Fluvial so Alamal no rio Tejo (*)
-Anta Grande do Tapadão (Aldeia da Mata) (**)
-Historic Centre of Crato (*)
-Monastery Flower Rose (**)
Elvas (13)
-The Border Town and Garrison of Elvas and its Fortifications are World Heritage (****)
-Historic Centre of Elvas (***)
-Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Be antiga Elvas (**)
-Church of Dominicas (old convent of Dominican nuns) (*)
-Museum of Contemporary Arts of Elvas (*)
Aqueduct of mulberry (**)
– Republic Square (*)
-Fortifications of Elvas (candidates for World Heritage) (****)
-Forte of Grace (****)
-Forte de Santa Luzia (***)
-Eighteenth-century walls, Arab and medieval works and adjoining Elvas (**)
-Castle of Elvas with its panorama (*)
Outside the city:
-Bridge Aid and the landscaped environment (*)
Olivenza (5)
-Manueline Church of St. Mary Magdalene (***)
-Church of Santa Maria do Castelo (*)
-Manueline door of the Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval (*)
-Tower of Homage (**)
-Ethnographic Museum of Olivenza Estremenho (**)
Nisa (6)
-Castle of alder Tejo (National monument) (**)
-Landscape in Barca Amieira Tagus (*)
-Calvary Chapel rental operator in the Tagus (*)
-Doors Rodão in the river Tagus (together with old village Rodão) and Roman Heaps of Conhal Arneiro (***)
-Spa Fadagosa Nisa (*)
-Panorama of Mount of Our Lady of Grace (Old Nisa) (*)

Portalegre (13)
-Historic Centre of Portalegre (*)
-Castle of Portalegre (*)
-Convent of San Bernardo (**)
-Sé Catedral (*)
-Home Yellow or Yellow Palace (*)
-Casa-Museu José Regio (*)
-Museum of Portalegre Tapestry (Guy Fino) (*)
-Manueline Window of Noble House of D. Nuno de Sousa (*)
-Chapel and overview of Our Lady of Penha (*)
-Miradouro de Santa Luzia (*)
-Serra de São Mamede Natural Park (***)
-Panorama Pico de São Mamede (**)
-Panorama and the Castle Alegrete (*)

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