7 Notable local County of Nazareth

-Promontory Site of Nazareth with its panorama (***)
-Visigothic church of St. Gião (**)
-Nazare Beach (*)
-Serra of fisheries and Beach Salgado (**)
-North Beach (*)
-Gábrico Mount St. Bartholomew / São Brás / Monte Seano (*)
-Panorama from various places of the town of Flint (*)

Other places with tourist interest:
Pillory of Flint / trunk coniferous silificado / menhir
Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum Dr. Joaquim Manso
Floodplains Trench of the Friars
Dune aguieira

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(2) Comments

  1. Joao Soares

    Good afternoon
    Given the strong impact of growing urban and tourist pressure and elsewhere in Nazareth, strongly advise to know the inside (more rural) of Nazareth and doubtless, highlight the village of Valado dos Frades.
    I have also seen some more oriented tourism growth for the geological characteristics, They were indicated as well.
    Congratulations on the blog.

  2. Pedro

    Here is a beautiful site, full of interest. Congratulations!

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