7 tourist wonders (Notable sites) the county Mirandela

7 tourist wonders (Notable sites) the county Mirandela

Mirandela is a county within an ancient landscape, district council has its headquarters in a hub of modernity in the region transmontana. The landscape can however be undermined by construction Sabor dam the river. Mirandela is also known for the excellence of its oil, its almond and its excellent gastronomy with the sheep and the famous churra put.
7 Local Notables county Mirandela
-Church of Mirandela (**)
-Church of St. Mary Major, matrix Adeganha (**)
-Panorama of the Lady of the Castle (Adeganha) (*)
-Viewpoint of St. Gregory and the Village Baldoeiro (*)
-Veiga to waves that Vilariça (**)

-Fresh from the Chapel of Our Lady of Teixeira (*)
-Panorama of the Lady of the Castle (traces of settlement) in Urros (*)

Other sites with some tourist interest
-Walls and Ruins of the Old Village of Santa Cruz or Derruida
-Castle Mine
-Landscape in the Sabor River Bridge
-Foz do Sabor River Douro river
-Iron and Region Moncorvo Museum
-Iron deposits in the Serra do Reboredo
-Panorama on highway 220
-Misericordia Church of Mirandela
-Church of St. Apollinaris in Urros

5 Comments 7 tourist wonders (Notable sites) the county Mirandela

  1. Jorge Delfim says:

    Mirandela, village of Northeast Transmontano. The church charms everyone pass there, is a beautiful monument.
    Vale a pena To visit.

  2. Mendes Raven says:

    Bridge and Museum
    Designation museum: Iron Museum & Zone of Moncorvo;
    On the bridge of Flavor, near Portela, is not Filipino, but previous, Cheque. XVI.

  3. Moseiro says:

    It seems that possibly forgotten the parish that was already ancient medieval village, Mos, is true that faces away from the highway mas worth visiting, Here is the address if you want to prove:-[ http://fg-mos-vila-antiga-medieval-tmoncorvo.blogspot.com/


  4. Local wonders without the Church Adeganha?

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