Tourist Accommodation Unit- Holiday Pilgrimage (Bud-Mora)- All the beauty of the Alentejo at our disposal

House of Pilgrimage

Deserve all the praises that Peter and Mary reached the village of Delicioso (Blackberry), By also be an example for all rural, which is in degradation by bad policy choices, a wholesome tourist practice.
But what did Peter and Mary so important, Question Bookworm; and I answer you that within the historic core of Delicioso acquired 5 farmhouses typical of the Alentejo and recovered in order to have a genuine and comfortable quality tourism.
The five dwellings of Pilgrimage of Homes are independent of each other and although rescued from ruin retain all its original features with low houses of whitewashed walls and blue trace on the jambs and doors.
In total five houses have 17 beds to accommodate large groups that allow.
The dwellings have as background the Shrine of Our Lady of Delicioso classified as a Public Interest.

All Village of outbreaks, thankfully still pulsing, genuinely corporaliza Alentejo soul that increasingly good tourist from all over the world recognizes as the immense quality brand in Portugal and it is almost a crime against our homeland some Portuguese as exchange-worlds do not know the area so graced. The reasons for visiting the Alentejo are many: an estate built quite remarkable, the fields with the vibrant colors of spring, the quality of its cuisine, Your Crafts, literature that emanates from it and that you have dedicated so great authors and especially the kindness and welcoming spirit of the people enshrine in Alentejo.
Well, but let's stop rambling and continue with the mag about Cwings of the Pilgrimage.
The interior is garnished with furniture and home decor Alentejo. The Houses of the Pilgrimage also allow a steady and healthy living with good people Brotense.
The surrounding area offers hiking conditions to, bicycle, horse and buggy, canoeing, water skiing and tennis.

You can also opt to get here to do their cultural tourist routes (visiting the county of Mora Eagles Tower, the Mora River Aquarium or the Dolmen-Chapel Pavia). From here you can also meet Almendres Cromlech (***), the city of Évora classified as World Heritage of Humanity and all other 97 notable places in the district of Évora.
Notice the dear reader that houses the Pilgrimage are often exhausted and that will be best to call as soon as possible and advance to lodge magnificently. Thank you Peter and Mary and they are a good example for Portugal.
Contacts Pilgrimage of Homes
Dwelling: Church Street, 30 7490-017 Delicioso
Mobile: +351 966 948 643 (Maria do Rosario)
Mobile: +351 962 474 164 (Pedro Mendonça)
GPS: 38º 52'15 .86'' N – 8º 07'49 .16''

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