Your Vale do Rio (Carrazeda Ansiães and Alijó) (***) - We'll let annihilate this natural wonder of Portugal (2ªparte)?

Your Vale do Rio

About the beauty and importance of the river valley Tua gets a quality text slightly adapted by me from here José Romão.
"Os wrong, much deeper and more narrow impressive for Man, but also more vulnerable (desirable) to be bricked up and submerged by dams. O vale do rio Your, 100m on the sea level, is flanked by cliffs that chegam to 676m. O rio Tinhela, its tributary, also submerge, circumvents extensive wild shed with 500m height. The granite blocks of Fragas Más in the Tua river valley have hundreds of meters in diameter. Living in these beautiful environments provides us a unique experience Earth.
What dam Valley Tua undermines:
Spot Valley River Tua:
20Km worth of snaps, looks rough, Brunheda of the Foz Tua, and still Tinhela River and Ribeira de Barrabáz.
Animals do vale do rio Your:
The difficult access, by tilting, extent and physical effort, prevented farming in many places, remaining wild flora, especially juniper, large shrubs, almost arboreal. Clean air given the limited local industry allows many species of lichens grow luxuriantly. Chestnut, pine (Aleppo?), and towering oak trees cover the slopes to the river Tua a dense green forest in the absence of fire.
Your Fauna vale do rio:
In tunnels the train there bat populations. Sees the squirrel, many species of unusual birds, and you hear the woodpecker. They tell me there golden eagle, bufo real, Black Stork, and perhaps vultures and peregrine falcon, and various species and sub-species of butterflies and dragonflies in Portugal can be found only in Thy.

Cures Your vale do rio:
The spa of S. Lawrence (*), with hot sulphurous water sprouting from the foot of the medieval statue of the same saint, where to take medicinal baths, a building unusual and Caldas Carlão (*), Now these modern hydrotherapy facilities, are some of the manifestations of geothermal energy in the region. All this, over the river beach in Caldas Tinhela Carlão, with trees reminiscent Choupal in Coimbra (*), are to submerge. Well close, the potholes in Rio Tinhela, also. The popular forms of rock erosion by water in the river Tua also disappear, even if you build mini hydro instead of 130m dam height. Cascata The Shore of the S. Mamede, finally falling over the Tua, are also submerged.
Story line of the Tua River valley:
The line Tua, completed in 1880, whose construction through rocks must have equivalido difficulty in the construction of the Bridge 25 April, is considered by many the main reason why the dam should not be built, because it is still submerged upstream of Brunheda (the new basin is expected to be an extension of 3822Km2). It would be an insult to those who built it in unimaginable conditions and our collective memory destroy this relic of Portuguese Industrial Archaeology, with its iron bridges and all the paraphernalia of equipment remaining, including stations and the train that ran.
Agriculture Terracing (olive tree, etc.) who nevertheless is still taken, some points reaching almost to the river through narrow switchbacks, has greater biodiversity in certain areas of Asia classified as World Heritage. The water would come within 10m of the village of Alder, descaracterizando completely that place and even flooding gardens em activity.

Tourism vale do rio Your:
Tourism is a major economic resources of the region and an outlet for the region's development, huge tourism projects underway would be unfeasible. Since then the creation of a nature park Low-Thy, Brunheda of the Foz Tua, and encompassing the Low-Tinhela from Martim, and the Ribeira de Barrabáz. Here modern activities of various kinds could be made, didactic, escalation, cycling, hiking, thalassotherapy,…, including photographic and scientific tours. The coal train could walk again in line with the Tua river valley, taking tourists on guided tours to the many interesting features. The accesses to the line could be improved, infrastructure support created, well marked paths to the Swiss way; a potential largely untapped in a country with strong tourism Fitness. Already today we offer guided tours, by ancient Roman roads adjacent. In Foz Tua there are good restaurants, Casa Tua is a quality hotel and there offers cottages in nearby locations. The landscape itself S. João da Pesqueira the Pinion, where it crosses the Douro and where another dam is planned, and hence Favaios, is three-dimensional and incredibly beautiful, with vineyards and cypresses to remember Tuscany, Italy, where do international workshops Photography.
The rivers should remain rivers and mountains to mountains. Dams and quarries Evening World, which is thus most uninteresting.

No Yosemite National Park, California, USA, when I was there, and despite the drought that arose, were planning to dismantle a dam to restore the area to stay as the central valley that attracted at that time already 1 million eco-turistas/ano (6 dollars per day for each input). Portugal, in ideas, At 50 Late years.
José Romão
Degree in Biology from the University of Coimbra
MS in Biological Sciences from Wayne State University, Michigan, USA
Ph.D. in Genetics from Purdue University, Indiana, USA
Nature Photographer
Some texts on the internet about the importance of the Tua River valley

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    Portuguese:How is it possible in the twenty-first century,a particular company, EDP ​​evade an extension of 16km Tua Line,QUEEN OF LINES in Portugal,public company and ESTADO.Quem Heritage and authorizing the EDP to build the dam,with a quota that will destroy a line with 125 years of service,of 34 inside the villages?More worth the Tua Line of the dam,one million Mexía,and all the leaders of EDP.A electricity it will produce will not sufeciente to a village average,while the line serving the North of Portugal.Uma suggestion,EDP ​​is not building the central electric and instead build a grinding Europe's largest and perhaps the world.The grinding worked the water instead of LMP worker eletricidade.A LIFE HAS PREÇO.Mairicio Arrais.Abrantes.19 / 2 / 2012.

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