Vale do Tua (Carrazeda Ansiães and Alijó) (***) - We let them destroy this natural wonder of Portugal (1ªparte) ?

The valley Tua is our!

Is the granite in its terminal part of the valley Thy acquires its full beauty due to wild canyon that the river carved with time and water, the two largest natural modelers; a people with such wealth, should be grateful, to honor and defend it at all costs. But here comes the threat of destruction moved by the power of money and party dictatorship in which we are subjugated. For our part we will do everything in gutter, so this does not happen and we will be involved in all actions, whenever the available. These items are only a small contribution to the salvation of the Tua Valley.

I have sincere appreciation for Francisco José Viegas, for their importance in literary dissemination and always had such good person. It is obvious that Mr. Secretary of State for Culture has two hypotheses regarding the Tua Valley:
-fight until the end and give evidence of their feud in the media and in government succeeding even be fired, making this issue an important personal factor – and rises like a human being;
-and then falls in absolute disbelief as a person who is sold to pirates costume and deserve our contempt. Here is what the still benign Francisco wrote about the purpose of the film Dam Stop, Look and listen, more words for what?
“It is not only a portrait of the Tua line as well as a reflection on the past 3 decades of history of Tras-os-Montes. I would like to point out a movie scene, where Tras-os-Montes is compared with a rural area of ​​Switzerland. In one sees empty fields and trains to fly despite the beautiful landscape, another Veems up fields laced with liberal Macieira (with Portuguese immigrants in Switzerland to pick apples), and trains full of tourists also enjoy the beautiful landscape. What investments will have a more profound impact in a rural region: Agriculture / tourism or a dam?
The IGESPAR think the Tua Line has no relevance as cultural heritage rating. In other words, Archeological has no "value, architectural, artistic, scientific or technological and industrial ". Probably, is there any reason in its arguments. A part of it will be under water when the EDP build a dam at the mouth of the Douro Tua. The IGESPAR can decide and give opinions on the subject - but it should not disappear arrange for one of the most beautiful Portuguese landscapes - that could be seen and impress your visitors. The landscape (the Tua included) is one of the most important Portuguese heritage. Concrete, highways and dams have been destroying it. The Portuguese believe that the landscape is crazy thing do not live in this world; their world is a paranoia "1

1-Francisco José Viegas ... before Secretary of State for Culture
Reading - Books & Readers, nº 97 - December 2010, p. 27
Some texts on the internet about the importance of the Tua Valley

Photo Credits de Mick Pt.

2 Comments Vale do Tua (Carrazeda Ansiães and Alijó) (***) - We let them destroy this natural wonder of Portugal (1ªparte) ?

  1. Thank you:Do not destroy the Tua Line,QUEEN OF LINES PORTUGAL.È a route utility,serving thirty-four provinces a poor area of ​​interior.O Snr Mexia already have 166 dams,not yet come to light Portugal?The Portugal'ja rivers must have died all drowned by dams EDP|The reduced gauge lines were you years Heritage State,were untouchable,are now already drowned by the killer dam EDP.Por this floor any day drown the Lisbon Rossio.Já station in the twenty-first century drowning of a 16 km railway line,utility of inland Portugal,without criminals go to tribunal.Apenas by eight hundred and seventy hours of overtime took twice the labor court Dir CP Eng Alfredo Garcia.Como would be if the dam did the same to 16km of motorway?Built highways more next to the main lines,killed almost all closed 800km and the most profitable,will thirty years.The Alentejo BARN WITHOUT PORTUGAL COMBÒIOS.A EDP should download the dam quota,not to drown the Tua line utility with more than one hundred years.It is the transport of our good people from inside Portugal.O train and SHIPPING GROUND,SAFER,Comodo,Fast and economical IN THE WORLD FOR THE THIRD LIFE `MILÈNIO.A LMP PASSENGER HAS PREÇO.Ex station master and trains in Star Èvora.Mauricio Arrais.Abrantes.15 / 2/2012.

  2. An idea for EDP,build the dam with a lower bound,and not destroy the 16km of Tua.Em time line of a central electric,building the largest mill in Europe or Mundo.Como the grinding work the electricity had,the river Tua worked the água.Esta grinding did not need central electric,worked directly with água.Ai Mexia,Mexia,Mexia!Mauricio Arrais.Abrantes.29 / 2/2012.

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